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Zona Paper
Zona Paper
Zona Paper
Zona Paper

Zona Paper

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Discover the unparalleled method for achieving a glass-like polish on your dice. With their superior quality  Zona papers are the go-to choice for dice enthusiasts and creators alike. These specialized papers are designed to bring out the full potential of your dice, providing a flawless shine and unparalleled clarity. Elevate the aesthetics of your dice creations with Zona papers, the ultimate secret to achieving a professional, mirror-like finish that will leave you in awe.

30 micron (600 grit) Silicon Carbide - Green
15 micron (1200 grit) Silicon Carbide - Grey
9 micron (1800 grit) Aluminum Oxide - Sky Blue
3 micron (8000 grit) Aluminum Oxide - Pink
2 micron (10,000 grit) Aluminum Oxide - Aqua Blue
1 micron (14,000 grit) Aluminum Oxide - White


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