D&D Adventure League

Join us at Druid Dice Tabletop Gaming for our weekly Dungeons & Dragons Adventure League! Whether you're a seasoned dungeon crawler or a novice adventurer stepping into a world of fantasy for the first time, we welcome all to our table.

In the spirit of legendary heroes and mythical beasts, our Adventure League is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of the Dungeons & Dragons universe. Each Sunday afternoon at 2 pm CST and Tuesday nights at 6 pm CST, our party gathers to embark on epic quests, engage in thrilling combat, and forge stories of magic, mystery, and camaraderie.

 What is the Adventure League?

The Adventure League is a worldwide Dungeons & Dragons campaign that allows you to play your character at any participating location around the globe. Whether you're home or traveling, you can continue your adventure and level up your character. At Druid Dice Tabletop Gaming, we take pride in offering a consistently engaging and welcoming space for all Adventure League players.

New to D&D? No Problem!

Never played D&D before? Don't worry! Our friendly Dungeon Masters are always ready to guide you through character creation, gameplay basics, and any questions you might have. We believe that anyone can enjoy D&D, and we're here to make your introduction to this fantastic game as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Enjoy In-Store Delivery from Señorita Margarita

Elevate your gaming experience with discounted food and drinks, delivered right to your table from our friendly neighborhood establishment, Señorita Margarita! Nothing complements a thrilling D&D session like tasty snacks and refreshing beverages, available without leaving the excitement of the game.

Ready for Adventure?

Bring along your trusty dice set (or pick a new one from our store), and be ready to make new friends and create unforgettable stories in the realms of fantasy. Our Adventure League sessions start at 2 pm CST Sundays or Tuesdays at 6pm CST. Please arrive a few minutes early if you need help setting up a character or have any questions.

Get ready for a journey through enchanted forests, treacherous dungeons, and fantastical worlds at Druid Dice Tabletop Gaming's Dungeons & Dragons Adventure League. We look forward to adventuring with you!

Looking to join a more in-depth story?

Embark on an epic journey in our bi-weekly special 5e Dungeons & Dragons long-term campaign, a storytelling adventure that unfolds over the course of many sessions. Join us as we dive into the realms of fantasy and exploration, where every decision you make has a lasting impact on the world we collectively create.

In this campaign, you'll have the opportunity to craft a character with a rich backstory and unique abilities, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the role-playing experience. With sessions held every two weeks, you'll have ample time to develop your character's personality, relationships, and motivations, forging connections with both fellow players and the immersive world around you.