Origins: Ancient Wonders

Origins: Ancient Wonders

Origins: Ancient Wonders

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They came to this planet, and they chose you. Their wisdom and resources uplifted you and allowed you to prosper. Having mastered their ways of culture, science, and warfare, you are now ready to take on a new challenge. Under the watchful eye of the builders, your abilities will be tested, and your efforts rewarded. Once again you will guide your city to victory, and perhaps construct a wonder &mash; a lasting legacy of your greatness, and of your benefactors watching from the skies above.

Origins: Ancient Wonders is an expansion, consisting of two separate modules, which can be added to your game separately or together.

The Ancient Wonders module allows players to build a new type of building in their cities, thus bringing more variability into the game.

The Trials of the Builders module brings to the table a set of objectives that players follow and score at the end of each round. At the same time this module determines the length of the game, eliminating all other game end triggering conditions.

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