Mini Painting 101 Class

Mini Painting 101 Class

Mini Painting 101 Class

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Druid Dice is happy to host a Mini Painting Class on the 3rd Saturday of every month.  

We will provide all materials needed for the class and participants can choose a miniature from our available selection, or they can bring their own. 

The class will cover all the basics of mini painting, from setup and supplies to mini care and transport.  Specifically we will cover how to apply a base coat and highlights as well as using a dry brush and wash to add depth and detail to your mini.   

While the class is designed for beginners, all skill levels are welcome to join us and share their creations.  This event will function as a workshop for more experienced painters, while catering to beginners and those interested in learning more about mini painting.

The class will be hosted by local artist Nick Montgomery.  Nick is passionate about Fallout Wasteland Warfare and his work shows it.  He also works with larger models and is happy to share what he knows.  Nick is a valuable resource and we are lucky to have him to teach and answer questions. 

When the class ends, participants get to walk away from the mess with their freshly painted mini ready for a new adventure!

Entry is $15 per person and open to all ages.  Outside food and drinks are allowed and we have open table play before and a Board Game Night shortly after the class ends.

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