Dice Masters - Blanks

Dice Masters - Blanks
Dice Masters - Blanks
Dice Masters - Blanks
Dice Masters - Blanks

Dice Masters - Blanks

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D4 option
Polish Level
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These high-quality dice masters are meticulously printed using 3D resin DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology, ensuring intricate details and exceptional quality.

Our default 7 poly shapes includes a 1d20, d12, d100, d10, d12, d8, d6, and d4. In addition to the standard dice, this set offers three unique styles of d4 dice: Caltrop, Pendant Crystal, and Barrel Crystal.

Each master is carefully designed to serve as a base for creating your own custom molds.

With these 3D resin DLP printed masters, you can unleash your creativity and cast your own unique dice sets. By creating custom molds using these masters, you have the freedom to experiment with different colors, materials, and designs, allowing for endless possibilities in your gaming collection.

Crafted with precision and durability in mind, these masters serve as reliable and accurate templates for casting your own dice. The exceptional level of detail in the masters ensures that every cast results in high-quality dice, bringing your vision to life.

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