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Sharp Edge Dice Mold - 7 Dice + Bonus D20 & Crystal d4 - ROUND mold

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Matching Set of Blanks?
Handmade silicone molds for a complete 7 + 1 additional d20 and crystal d4 dice RPG dice set. How to demold video here:

+Created from custom dice masters made by me.
+Masters were polished to 1 micron finish for quick and easy dice casting polishing.
+Dice that you cast are yours to make and sell freely, no font copyright claim concerns.
+Molds are made using Smooth-On Mold star 20T
+No pockets or voids in molds.
+Works with UV resin for casting
+At 3 inches mold fits perfectly in a harbor freight or other brand 2.5g pressure pot!

Thank you,
Druid Dice

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Customer Reviews

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P. Hester
Great product

Mold works perfect and was shipped fast af.

Never received my order

I was hoping to be leaving a positive review but that wasn’t my experience with this company. In the middle of June I placed an order for 2 dice molds and the small pressure pot. After a month of silence I messaged the company. They hadn’t sent my molds and they had over sold their small pressure pots and were out. They printed a shipping label that day, was told they had to make one of the molds and it would be shipped right away. 2 weeks later, no molds and no refund, I messaged back. They sent my refund and I was told they had to make one of my molds and it would be sent out right away. I than decided with the level of communication and apologies that I would order the large pressure pot so I had something to use with my new molds. I communicated me concerns and was reassured they were going to make my experience a positive one. I received my pressure pot 2 days ago, missing the insert I had purchased and no molds. I messaged them asking about the missing items. I heard back this morning and got the run around. At first I was told that my molds and inserts were in my pressure pot, I just had to open the lid. After letting them know that I checked the inside and there was nothing inside, I was informed that they had shipped my molds and insert separately. I asked for that tracking number and sent them the ones I had. I was sent back the tracking number for my pressure pot and told that that was the tracking number for my molds and that they had arrived. I reiterated that that was for the pressure pot and not the molds. They got back to me and told me that they checked with the company that they ship items through and there wasn’t a tracking number and it looked like it hadn’t shipped. At that point I asked for my refund for both the molds and insert. I was sent the refund for the molds and had to remind them to send me the refund for my insert.
Long review, all to say my experience was horrible and I do not recommend this company to anyone.

Blank mold, sharp edge mold + Jumbo D20 mold

In general I would say the molds work.
But a few minus points: I really do not like how the 1 face is off-center on the jumbo D20 mold. It is not off-center on the normal sized D20 mold.
The blank of the d12 is very small compared to all the other blanks. This makes it impossible to center properly in the "shells" and it is very obvious. The other blanks are staying nicely in place when put into the normal mold.

Normal sharp edged mold is good and I cannot complain.

Kevin Romine
Custom dice and blank molds

Amazing molds, had some issues with getting the right mild but customer service was amazing. They handled the issue quickly and above and beyond.


An absolutely beautiful dice mold. It basically requires no sanding and is incredibly sharp and well made. I only wish it had a small indent in the centre with a nub to stop the lid from sliding to the side as you have to be VERY careful to make sure it is perfectly centre. Honestly though I’d still buy it again even without that. The best dice mold I’ve ever had.