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Druid Dice

RPG Master Dice - Resin Printed

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Custom Dice Masters for creating your own dice! You can choose from multiple commercial designs ready for you to create for personal use or individual sale. If you have a personal design idea I will work with you to create your own custom design!

Please refer to this guideline for logo work to make sure you get the best masters possible:

Dice will come in an UNFINISHED state, with basic support removal and 30um light clean up ONLY by default.
Due to printing process some edges where supports were placed may be elongated and require additional sanding, dice are designed with this in mind to ensure viable final masters.
Finishing and sanding services are provided and can be found under add-on options.

+Dice are printed using SLA with a clear resin for crisp details and easy finishing.
+Minimal supports to make finishing a quicker process.
+Verified to not react with platinum silicone and produces clean molds with mold star 15 slow, Smooth-On Sorta-Clear 12 & 37 - No barrier coating needed!
+ Dice are currently made with grey SLA resin for better polishing and finished properties

Please select the options that best meet your needs above then add any relevant information about your masters in the request form. I will contact you to clarify your design needs and to show the final 3D render before printing and completed product photos before shipping.

Thank you for your interest!

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Chris Santana

RPG Master Dice - Resin Printed

Joshua Bennett

Amazing service and product. They kept me updated throughout the process