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Druid Dice

Pressure Pot Insert - HDPE - No more resin sticking!

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-No more spills sticking to your plates!
-Easy set up and use for resin casting of all kinds!
-No more fiddling with wingnuts, bolts, or easy to break acrylics!
-Fits standard size 2.5 gallon 5 Gallon pressure pots.
-2 shelves with each insert, 5g has extra location for shelf placement for adjustability.
-5 Gallon shelves can be secured with extra screws(included) these shelves can be left unsecured for easy removal if needed.

Size specs:
2.5 Gal, 9" diameter x 8" tall.
5 Gal, 11.6" diameter x 11.8" tall.

How to assembly video:

2 - Side walls
1 - top handle'
2 - shelf
1 - base
#4-40 SS Pan head screws, for attaching handle and base
#4-40 SS square nuts, inserted into anchor points for attaching handle and base

Easy assembly, only 4 screws (2.5gal) or 8 screws (5gal) - 4-40 Stainless Steel screws and nuts provided. Using a tool such as a rubber mallet to help tap pillars into holes in the base is recommended, as tolerances may be tight to ensure a sturdy product.

Suggest assembly with the base smooth side up and use the shelves with the smooth side up so any spilled epoxy will peel off easily.
Cured resins peel off either side. Please note that the smooth side is considered the "bad" side from the HDPE manufactures.
Due to this it may show scratches and scuffs that will not effect the use of this product and is purely cosmetic.

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Perfect, must have, casting tool!

I absolutely love the pressure pot insert. I utterly destroyed a wooden one before investing in this. It works beautifully, is so sturdy, and I love that I can easily remove shelves to clean or adjust height depending on what is being cast (easily fits many dice molds but can also accommodate my mold making system, clamps and all). Clean up is a breeze! I wish I got one sooner! Love it!