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Interlocking Cap Acrylic Mold System - Get Perfect Caps for Your Dice Mold Casts!

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+ Step-by-step photo instructions included with all orders
+ Perfect fit box joints for a tight fit
+ Laser cut for clean edges and perfect straight lines
+ Made with 1/8in ChemCast(TM) high clarity and strength acrylic for long life and durability
+ Included key for mounting and casting, no clay or cutting of the mold base for keys!
+ designed to interlock for tight seal when casting in the final mold Reach out about custom sizes if needed for quote!

Thank you, Druid Dice

Please note jumbo is 2x2x2 sides NOT 1.25in, extended is 2.5in tall. 7in and 8.5in mold boxes default height is 1.25in (31.75mm) with extended walls they are 1.8in (45mm) tall. both 8.5 and 7in boxes are 1.5in wide