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Insert Mold - Blanks for custom dice for inclusions, painted designs, and engraving

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Handmade silicone molds for a complete 7 dice RPG dice set + 1 additional d20 and crystal d4.

How to demold video here:

+Created from custom dice masters made by me.
+Masters were polished to 1 micron finish for quick and easy dice casting polishing (1/cap faces are slightly matte due to mold release process).
+Dice that you cast are yours to make and sell freely, no font copyright claim concerns.
+Molds are made using Smooth-On Mold star 20T
+No pockets or voids in molds.
+Works with UV resin for casting
+At 3 inches mold fits perfectly in a harbor freight or other brand 2.5g pressure pot!

Thank you,
Druid Dice

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Customer Reviews

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Will F.
Fantastic Mold!

I really loved this mold. The flashing came off effortlessly and all of the dice came out super well!
Definitely getting more Druid molds in the future!

Olivia M Cardona
Fantastic and so clean!

The mold arrived sooner than I expected, and when I opened it up it felt so sturdy and smooth and it was ready for use. I put in some plain clear resin to test it out and after it cured and I was easily able to remove the blanks from the moon they came out crystal clear and fantastic. I had to do minimal sanding and cleanup work after removing them. And the mold was super easy to clean and I love the registration marks to get it in the right place every time. Thank you!

Melissa Turpin
Great Molds

I keep ordering since they are fantastic molds

Olivia B.
Absolutely Love it

I absolutely love these blank molds! They fit perfectly into the Druid dice mold set and allow me to create some really cool effects!!!

saphrina Bradshaw

Insert Mold - Blanks for custom dice for inclusions, painted designs, and engraving